How does a new breed Home Building brand do TV?

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Brand engagement remains critical for challenger brands.
We love when one of our brands takes flight. The task for any brand that seeks to challenge their market is how to stand apart when engaging through mainstream media. TVCs for example are a high cost/high risk/high payoff canvas for brands to communicate with their target audience. With the cost of making and running ads on TV, you don’t want your campaign to be so innovative as to miss the market. All brands operate in a relative context – relative to consumer perceptions and to where their competitors (or other brands in their own portfolio) are positioned. Understanding this context is critical to your brand engagement strategy.

When WA home builder MOMU faced that challenge they leaped confidently onto TV knowing that the brand strategy and brand personality we defined as part of the launch branding strategy we developed for them would direct them to the right space.

Like all the best brands, MOMU is built around a well defined product, innovated to serve it’s niche market and supported by some really smart, unique sales tools that are all about client engagement. MOMU General Manager; Dion Warnock says: “The response has been exactly as expected. We’re cutting through, we’re being talked about (by competitors and customer) and the feedback from our target young female audience has been perfect. They get it. They love it.” Dion Warnock, General Manager, Momu.

Our work with MOMU has been taken and beautifully expanded upon by Perth Agency Block Branding in their new TVC campaign. The campaign is a true expression of brand strategy and personality, bringing to life the MOMU consumer value proposition in a manner well crafted to engage with the target audience.

We look forward to watching as Dion and his Perth team grow the MOMU business from strength to strength.

Dave Ansett
Truly Deeply Founder & Creator of Brands
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Director – Tony Williams
Production House – Kolektiva
Agency – Block Branding

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