As Major Retailers Adapt to New Consumer Demands – Ikea is Quick to Follow

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From DIY home solutions and affordable furniture, to fashion and bicycles – IKEA has a plan to expand globally and meet the demands of the modern consumer.

As the retail environment is ever-changing and adapting to new consumer needs, IKEA has been quick to recognise the need to overhaul their current corporate structure to deal with a change in customer tastes, enhance their digital presence and transform the brand’s identity to be the world’s biggest furniture retailer.

IKEA is in the process of testing new ideas throughout the food, fashion (yes fashion) and the ‘chain-less’ bicycle space, but most recently they are considering their customer’s demands for more city-centre stores, mobile click-and-collect conveniences and easy to pick up/drop off locations. Later this year, INGKA (founder of IKEA) are planning to take control of all management in stores, while Inter IKEA Systems will control the logistics, manufacturing and design from INGKA and own all rights to the brand and IKEA concept.

The company re-structure stems from other online retailers like Amazon, who challenge retailers like IKEA. In the next decade IKEA plan to open 25 stores in India and expand globally, driving growth and innovation.

But more about this ‘chain-less’ bicycle – ‘Sladda’. This new creation will be released in Australia in September and the ordinary bike chain will now be replaced with a rust resistant belt drive which is guaranteed to last up to 150,000km. It is said it will also use a back pedal break which would mean there are no brake cables. This new innovation will be coupled with a wide array of accessories in your local IKEA store which you can casually roll into and get some bike necessities.

Ikea's new bike Sladda

A planned growth period for IKEA is looking bright. It will be interesting to see what is planned next for this retail giant. Perhaps they could consider having a more customised shopping experience and better staff on hand to help with your DIY needs – as I feel that this is still lacking in-store.

Olga Dumitriu 
Client Account Executive 
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