Coles muddies the milk with undifferentiated brand

Coles Milk in the isle

Farmers Fund milk brand clouds the issues

As predicted Coles have started muddying the waters around fair Milk prices by introducing an undifferentiated milk brand called Farmers Fund to the market. The brand which ‘gives back’ 40c of each 2 litre carton to a Fund to help Farmers who’ve been hit by Murray Goulburn’s price clawback. Assuming it’s the same milk as Coles own brand which sells for $2, it’s interesting this milk sells for $2.50. Nice to know Coles is making more money off the Farmers backs by pocketing the extra 10c. Naturally, it’s dividing the dairy industry. I’m sure consumers thing there doing the right thing buy buying it. But who’s producing the milk for Coles? Ye, you guessed it Murray Goulburn.


So the Farmers don’t get paid any better for their milk. Coles still sells milk at unsustainable prices. Murray Goulburn still controls the milk production. And we are being asked to donate 50c extra to swage their consciouses. Of which only 40c goes to a fund for farmers. It’s an even more cynical move then creating ghost milk brands, they’ve created a trojan horse milk brand.

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