Pop-Up Pub with a Purpose fits just three customers at a time

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Smart Pop-Up Marketing must be on brand and buzzworthy.

The payback for investing in a pop-up experience for brands really kicks-in when the concept has an element that powerfully connects with the brand’s strategic positioning, and doubly-so when the concept is news and viral worthy.

When London brewer Meantime set about developing a pop-up bar concept, it was all about their brand platform of ‘Time’. At Meantime Brewing Company they talk about ‘Time’ as their 5th ingredient. Their philosophy is that it takes six weeks to brew a beer full of flavour.

Likewise, the concept of Making Time to go for a beer is also being challenged by our packed-full, 24/7 connected lives. Today’s tech means many people in pubs and bars are absorbed in their phones rather than the act of sharing a beer and a good conversation. Meantime’s pop-up bar was designed to fit just three people and a barman. The tiny pub was located in the Greenwich area of London and was just 6 x 8 feet in size; and intimate space for three people and the barman. Guests had to make a reservation and agree to not bringing their phone. To create this extraordinary drinking environment, Meantime collaborated with six talented craftsmen from six UK cities to each create one element of a pop up bar, all inspired by the shared values of tradition, technology and time. They then brewed six different craft beers to be served at the pop-up.

Time is such a powerful brand differentiator for a craft brewer to focus upon. To describe the relationship between the brand and time as their 5th ingredient is a truly great illustration of crafting a rich brand proposition. Using that proposition as a platform, the concept of the pop-up bar both reinforces and amplifies what it is that Meantime Brewing stands for. But more than that, a bar with room for just three customers and that so effectively encourages old fashioned time with friends and without phones is eminently promote-able.

You can see more about the process of designing the pop-up bar in the video.


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