Yellow tail launches major US brand push with Super Bowl ad

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Yellow Tail uses Aussie humour and cliches to promote their wine brand to Americans.

Aussie wine brand Yellow Tail is making headlines as an outsider buying up big on the US Super Bowl. It’s also the first wine brand to air a Super Bowl ad in 40 years.

The new TV ad introduces the Yellow Tail guy, a bikini clad model and a DJing kangaroo enjoying Yellow Tail wine at a party, a backyard barbecue and the beach.

Created by The Burns Group, the ad is part of the brand’s multiyear marketing push to position Yellow Tail as the fun, cheeky Aussie wine brand.

Playing on Aussie cliches and tweaking Aussie humour for Americans, Yellow Tail is aiming to leverage the Aussie personality to perhaps be the ‘Fosters of wine’.

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Mike Burns, founder of Burns Group, believes the Super Bowl is the perfect platform to ensure that of the 5,000 wine brands in the space, Yellow Tail is the one that’s associated with fun. “Thirty million households serve wine during the game, so it seemed like a brand in the wine category that stands for fun and sociability deserves a place in the Super Bowl.”

To circumvent Anheuser-Busch’s exclusive alcohol category ad rights for the Super Bowl, Yellow Tail has bought a large number of regional spots. This means the campaign won’t get truly national exposure but media strategists are predicting they will reach more than 80% of the audience, and the majority of the major markets.

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