Cheers to Toast – A Beer Brand With A Heady Purpose

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All Beer Brands Are Not Born Equal.

Researching this new craft beer brand from the UK I came across an interesting stat. The fresh bread consumer trend that has swept the globe has led to more than 40% of the bread baked daily around the world being thrown away. As a business and brand seeking to be part of the war on waste, Hambleton Ales from Yorkshire in the UK has launched Toast Pale Ale. Hambleton include discarded bread as part of the Toast recipe, with all profits from Toast going to support a local environmental charity dedicated to ending food waste.

A Brand and Business Model we Love.

Will the Toast brand bring home the bacon for Hambleton Ales? Most unlikely! Will it provide a great brand reputation builder, helping to build awareness and equity in the master brand? Absolutely! But just as importantly, will the launch of this clever little social brew with a greater purpose help the business in its goal to make a difference to the world – you bet!

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Pic Courtesy Humbleton Ales.

For our UK readers you can buy your Toast Pale Ale here:


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