Moby Mart – A Disruptive Convenience Retail Model


From the same crew who brought us Wheely’s bike cafes, comes Moby Mart.

A few years back we wrote about Wheely’s an organisation looking to disrupt the cafe market with their new model of pedal powered, solar powered, low on carbon footprint, high on smarts microprenuer coffee outlets. We’ve stayed in touch with the Wheely crew and love their entrepreneurial spirit and disruptive mindset. Those same guys have come-up with a new retail model called Moby Mart that like most disruptor concepts sounds almost too good to be true.

Connecting with the super consumer trend of ‘Convenience Everything’, Moby Mart is a mobile contemporary convenience style store that comes to you. This autonomous, staff-less mobile store offers everything from milk, to medicine, clothes, and electronics on-demand, powered by an app that summons the store to you and doubles as the checkout. Developed by Wheelys in collaboration with Hefei University and Himalafy and aligned to their eco-friendly brand values, the Moby Mart is self-powered, relying on solar panels to provide energy and an integrated air purifier that cleans the air around it.

Whilst this sneak peek at the future of convenience retail poses more questions than it answers, the concept is currently beta testing in Shanghai. We’ll keep watch with interest to see how this new retail model fares.

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