Music on the Brain – Grolsch turns Listeners Emotions into Psychedelic Art



People are living more hectic lives, where being busy is now a competitive sport. This can cause stress, and stress boosts cortisol, turning us to fight or flight mode.

So, to create some peace in the daily grind, Grolsch decided to do a music-fuelled experiment. The “Awake Your Curiosity Experiment” hooked 14 neuro headsets to volunteers, took away all distractions, and let them listen. Their emotions then did the virtual painting, creating emotion-led art.

To emphasise what stress does to the brain, Grolsch then played city hustle and bustle noise, which made the painting stop – showcasing what stress really does to the brain.

Caption: This is what daily stress does to your brain

“When you disconnect from the multitasking routine, you can connect to yourself. And then, your brain has no limits.”

So pause, take a break and reconnect to yourself… listen to some music and create art on the inside!

Via Adweek

Catherine Howarth
Director of Brand Projects


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