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CSL demonstrates how to shift to a monolithic brand architecture

Brand architecture can be a tricky beast to get right but CSL’s new group brand is a good example of how to move to a master brand approach. With any merger and acquisition, careful consideration needs to be given to the brand architecture strategy. While…

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Embracing our inner guru

Another week, another mindfulness session here at Truly Deeply… time out as a team from the deadlines, phone calls, and busyness, to take a breather and reconnect. A chance to try something different, see into another world, maybe stretch ourselves out of our comfort zone.…

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When it’s time to flip life the bird

A perfect example of our brand culture at work: 1. start with an engaging experience – our weekly mindfulness session 2. throw in a bit of our brand personality – colourful: playful, spirited and lively 3. mix in one of our brand values – the…

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Music on the Brain – Grolsch turns Listeners Emotions into Psychedelic Art

  People are living more hectic lives, where being busy is now a competitive sport. This can cause stress, and stress boosts cortisol, turning us to fight or flight mode. So, to create some peace in the daily grind, Grolsch decided to do a music-fuelled…

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