Embracing our inner guru

Sat Nam Fest closing ceremony

Another week, another mindfulness session here at Truly Deeply… time out as a team from the deadlines, phone calls, and busyness, to take a breather and reconnect.

A chance to try something different, see into another world, maybe stretch ourselves out of our comfort zone.

Embracing mantra singing and choreographed arm movements with an open mind, we got into a different groove, and surprised ourselves with the calming results. (and we don’t sound too bad either, singing as one!)

What sort of culture exists in your workplace? Would you feel comfortable sharing something a bit left of centre?

One of our brand values here is respect, and it was great to see the whole team embrace another culture so openly!

If you’d like to get into the vibe, feel free to join in:

Mantra 1
Guru guru wahe guru,
guru ram das guru.

Mantra 2
Ra ma da sa,
sa se so hung.

Catherine Howarth
Senior Account manager

Sat Nam Fest Closing Ceremony: Kirtan singers Mirabai Ceiba, Snatam Saur and Jai-Jagdeesh

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