Thanking our very talented Art with Heart artists

Untitled by Anna Warna

Untitled by Anna Warna

An art exhibition is nothing without its artists and we were lucky enough to have 74 of them contribute to this year’s annual charity art exhibition; Art with Heart. All artists donate their time and artwork to the event which raises money for local charities, this year’s beneficiary is Tomorrow Man, supported through auspice by Gotcha4Life.

Lots of our incredibly talented artists have supported our event for many years and have become an integral part of the Art with Heart family. We have also had a swag of fabulous new artist contributing this year some of which I have not had the pleasure of meeting personally but they are still so happy to donate their time and creativity to our cause.

I get an overwhelming sense that our artists feel a strong connection to using their creative talents to help make this world a better place and we are so lucky they support Art with Heart and are such a sensational bunch of passionate individuals. Raising money collectively for many good causes over the years we wanted to share with you the benefits their artwork sales have helped our varied beneficiaries achieve. Our Art with Heart artists have helped raise funds to contribute to:

  • Getting an additional food van for St Vinnie Soup Vans
  • Provide hundreds of free breakfasts to underprivileged primary school children in Melbourne’s northern suburbs who would normally go without breakfast
  • Provide hundreds of Swags for the Homeless back pack beds to sleep in.
  • Help provide funding for Victoria’s only all Indigenous female high school Worawa 
  • Provide a whole year of funding to train more biographers for people in Aged Care facilities to write their memoirs
  • Provide bicycle education and bicycles to asylum seekers and provide work place training to those challenged by fitting into ‘normal’ society
  • Support teenagers in youth detention through workplace training
  • Funding support to restore dignity to our asylum seekers
  • More dance instructors and dance classes for children with downs syndrome
  • A shower and laundry bus for Melbourne’s homeless community.


I would like to thank all of our artists for supporting Art with Heart and give them a shout out and a plug, most have Instagram accounts and/or websites so feel free to take a look at their fabulous work in the links below.

Emma Ferris
Art with Heart Event Manager 


Alan Delon

Alanna Rance

Andrew Firth

Anna McGregor

Anna Warna

Ben Stevens

Bianca Loiacono

Bonnie Eichelberger

Brendan Moore

Cal Alexander

Chantelle Ferry

Charlie Nivision

Clare Fowler

Cleo Ryan

Darren Pitt


Edith Rewa

Ellie Malin


Emily Anderson

Georgina Ross

Greg Elms

Greg Mount

Hannah Bacon

Hilary Cresp

Isabella Iafrate

Jackson Howell

Jacquelyn Stephens

Jane Reiseger

Janet Fernandes

Jeff Gale

Jennifer Lia

Jennifer Thy

Jess Racklyeft

Joi Murugavell

Julia Chetwood

Katya Cameron

Karynne Ledger

Katie Ford

Ki Flett

Lachlan McDougall

Marianna Marx

Michael Cain

Mike McLean

Morgan Howell

Naomi Rahim

Olga Grueva

Oliver Shearer

Patrick Jost

Pete Bakacs

Piers Buxton

Rachel O’Brien

Rhiannon Mowat

Rhys Parkinson

Sally Fowler

Silk Roy

Sarah-Jayne McCreath

Sue Albert

Tarquin Adair Taggetter

Tom Blachford





Abrigio Corner by Tom Blachford

Abrigio Corner by Tom Blachford





Sunset by Aeon

Sunset by Aeon


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