KFCs Halloween brand gesture a huge hit in the US

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KFC Creates a Halloween Costume of their Iconic Colonel Sanders.

Over the last two decades, fast food retail brand KFC have invested in an increasingly focused manner on bringing their founder Colonel Harland Sanders into the branding spotlight. They have reprised his image and locked-it into their brand identity design, signage and store design, and now they’ve leveraged this brand asset further for Halloween.

The Colonel Sanders Halloween costume has been a big hit in the US, selling out faster than their southern style fried chicken. Available online at $5-a-pop, the brand gesture has been all about a cost neutral marketing campaign that also drives traffic into store. Whether planned or otherwise, the scarcity of a sold-out promotion only builds on its success, and like all good campaigns, the follow-up is just as impressive with KFC giving away Halloween buckets in the form of the brand’s iconic fried-chicken container – only available of course from KFC restaurants.

Whether you’re a fan of the finger-licking good chicken or not, it’s hard not to tip your hat to the Colonel for this holiday event branding masterclass.

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