April Fools Day – A Great Opportunity for Brand Tomfoolery


Brands that made me smile.

For all brands, finding a reason to connect with their audience in an authentic and emotionally relevant manner is gold. April Fools day presents that opportunity, embraced each year by many of my favorite brands. here are a few from the weekend:

Casual restaurant brand Arby’s and fashion led glasses brand Warby Parker announced a cross-branded merchandise collection that’s available in select stores.



Given that April 1st was also Easter Sunday, Burger King in the U.S. announced an Easter-inspired chocolate Whopper.


Petco announced the opening of a dog boutique where owners could be styled to match their pets. brand identity

Annual jokesters, Google announced that Google Maps had located Waldo.

brand agency

And my favorite for the day; eHarmony launched ‘Furever Love’, a dog-matching service.

branding agency

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