Is Remarkable Customer Service the Greatest Act of Branding?

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The Brand Value of Customer Service.

Just ask Apple, the best retailer in the world in terms of $ sales per square meter (and is there any other metric worth measuring?), customer service is still where the rubber hits the road. New Apple retail customer service staff in Australia receive two weeks training, of which all but a couple of days are are focused on making the customer happy – empathy training, problem recognition and creative problem solving.

Yet for many B2C businesses, excellent customer service is left up to the initiative of the individual. For such a valuable piece of the brand puzzle, shouldn’t we all be doing more to codify customer service excellence in our businesses?

Four examples of remarkable customer service that have become the stuff of legends in the brand world:

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I hear the B2B businesses out there saying; “well this doesn’t really apply to me”. I beg to differ. If you’re in a business with clients who spend thousands of dollars on your products or services, keeping those clients happy is even more important.

If I could choose just one layer of the brand picture to improve across the board overnight, it would be hard to find something more valuable than customer service.

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