Truly Deeply rebrands Hyperdome shopping centre to South.Point

New name, strategy and identity for major Canberra shopping centre

Working together with key stakeholders, we helped refine and reposition one of Canberra’s main shopping centres. The new brand positioning, name and identity is now helping to re-engage the local trade area and excite tenants around the centre’s vision for the future.

Adam Gill, South.Point Marketing Manager says that given that Hyperdome is 30 years old, some people are still getting used to the change but most of the key audiences love the new brand.

“Retailers are really excited about the new brand and the future for the centre. The new brand is also opening up new conversations and helping us attract exciting new partnerships.”

The new strategic brand proposition is focused on being ‘everything south’. This provides clear differentiation in the local market and provides the aspiration for the centre to become the place for the best shopping, dining and entertainment experiences in southern Canberra.

Building on the new positioning, our strategic naming process identified several options for naming before we settled on South.Point which helped us tell the story to ‘come South’.

Simple, clean and stylish the new South.Point brand identity takes its inspiration from foodie culture but isn’t a slave to it. The elegant, condensed type mark and arrow box that is the heart of the concept is deceptively simple. Welcoming, warm and directional it reminds us that here is where we’re talking about.

The brand refresh is part of an integrated campaign across all the centre’s key communication assets, including social and local media. Initially, we developed a teaser campaign with some of the new brand imagery before introducing the new name and full branding.

The name Hyperdome also carried some negative baggage to the perception of the brand. The new name and identity has now created a dramatic shift for the centre to shift the perception and focus on the future.

One of Canberra’s main shopping centres, Hyperdome had been part of the Tuggeranong Community for more than 30 years. A two-storey regional shopping centre, it features Coles, Woolworths, Harris Scarfe, Limelight Cinemas and is the only centre with Big W, Kmart and Target.

See the full South.Point case study here.


    • Hi Mark, It’s not always possible for us to get good quality photography for delivered projects in the time frame we want to show the project. So we use the same visualisation techniques we use in our creative presentations to display the elements and application created as part of those presentation and to show our intention of the rebrand.

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