Aston Martin’s audacious brand gesture

Aston Martin has announced the ultimate collectors toy with the news they are going to make 28 Goldfinger DB5 reproductions. Aston Martin is working with EON Productions and Chris Corbould the special effects wizard whose resume includes Star Wars, Batman and all the Bond movies since The Spy Who Loved Me. The Cars will feature the ‘revolving numberplate and more’ from the original car and 25 will be sold for £2,750,000 (nearly AU$5M). One is reserved for Aston Martin, one for EON and the final one to be auctioned for charity. While that kind of money may seem insane for what might be little more than a life size toy, did I mention they won’t be street legal? Consider that the Golden Eye DB5 recently sold for US$2.6.

If you can wait till 2020 for a new toy, maybe consider the Lego version which is only AU$210.

Head over to Autoblog for more beautiful images of the original DB5 and the full story.


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