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Bright idea highlights incredible women and rewrites history

After a disgraceful week of politics, we’ve lost another Prime Minister but perhaps the real loss in the fallout is Julie Bishop.

So it’s quite fitting that I came across this campaign from Stabilo Boss.

Created by DDB, Germany, the campaign rewrites history to highlight some incredible women who have not been duly recognised.

brand storytelling, Stabilo Boss

The agency says it’s a new take on ‘behind every great man is a great woman’ as this implies the man is the hero and the woman his sidekick.  They believe that all too often women were upstaged, and their actions and successes not mentioned.

For Stabilo Boss, this is a powerful message and strong brand campaign that helps them differentiate and gets people to rethink what is a basic stationery item.

Michael Hughes

Michael is Managing Partner and Strategy Director at Truly Deeply, a brand agency with 25 years’ experience working with brands to position them for growth. His deep expertise is in unlocking the strategic power of your brand to create a differentiated, compelling and authentic brand proposition that will engage all your audiences. Michael has extensive experience working across Australia and the Middle East working with leading Australian and International organisations across just about every sector.

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