Brilliant Brandertainment from John Lewis & Partners + Waitrose & Partners

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Wonderful Brand Story-telling.

The UK retail landscape has recently welcomed a notable rebranding with launch of the new John Lewis & partners and Waitrose & Partners. Complex architecture and relationship between the two brands aside, the brand design work and typography are stunningly elegant in a contemporary British design kind-of-way. The rebrand has been accompanied by an entertaining and beautifully crafted brand ad that’s attracted half a million views in its first week on Youtube.

The company says; “At John Lewis, and at Waitrose, we’re more than employees, we’re Partners. Which means we all have a share in the business, and we all have a shared commitment: to go above and beyond, for every customer. That’s why we’ve added Partners to our names. Because for us, it’s personal.” The rationale presents a lovely sentiment for a large retail brand with a warm customer value proposition. Interestingly though, this theme isn’t repeated through the rationale for the new brand identity, which focuses more on heritage and authenticity (you can check the new brand identity work and rationale here).

Regardless, the 2.5 minute clip below is a wonderful piece of brand story-telling, packed with charm and brand personality.


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