Carnaby Street Rhapsody


Although it’s still only October, Carnaby Street, located in the heart of London, has already unveiled its 2018 festive light display, with another amazing and creative design.

It is always exciting to see what fashionable Carnaby Street will do. The theme tends to be  quite design focussed and not what you’d expect for the festive season in contrast to more traditional displays in nearby Oxford and Regent Streets.

This year Carnaby Street has collaborated with 20th Century Fox to transform the street into a ‘Queen’ inspired light installation, coinciding the with the release of the film, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ which charts the band’s career. Queen’s song lyrics and prominent crest are lit up in neon signage. Band members Brian May and Roger Taylor, along with cast members from the film, switched on the lights last week.

Carnaby Christmas themes from past years include ‘Carnaby Christmas Revolution’ and my favourite, ‘Carnaby Christmas Carnival’, which brought the tropics to London via bright parrot and palm shaped decorations. Images below.

Carnaby Christmas Carnival – 2017

Carnaby Christmas Revolution – 2016


This is a great example of branded entertainment. It has been executed astutely creating an aesthetically pleasing experience that cleverly blends the commercial objectives with the pure entertainment that Londoners and visitors alike have come to expect from the Carnaby Street Christmas lights year after year. It reinforces Carnaby Street as a sought after destination which ultimately results in commercial gains for the stores of Carnaby Street and surrounds.

If you’re in London this is certainly not to be missed. The lights will be up until 4th January 2019.


Louise Sully
Senior Account Manager

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