Truly Deeply creates brand identity for shared value consultancy, Hugh Foley

Consulting brand creates value for company, customers, and the community.

Building on Hugh’s personal reputation in shared value strategy, we created a strong and distinctive consulting brand to engage corporate, philanthropic and public sector leaders.

“Getting some good thinking into the brand identity process right from the start has been crucial in defining and creating the right identity for the business. It’s been well worth the effort and I’m really proud of the result. I have really enjoyed working with the team,” said Hugh Foley, Director. 

At the heart of the Hugh Foley brand is the idea of ‘Strategy for good’. This is underpinned by a powerful belief system that there are better ways to create shared value with the tools we all have available.

Highly strategic but also pragmatic, the brand promise dials up the importance of delivering measurable social and commercial results and creating real value for the company, its customers, and the community. This is in stark contrast to the usual highly emotive, feel-good approach that is common in CSR consulting.

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Leveraging the visual language of the consulting category we focused on developing a simple type mark for the brand. Avoiding the CSR clichés of trees and hearts, we crafted a typographic solution that matched the brand personality and proposition; professional, stylish, confident and intelligent.

The ‘Y’ letterform is customised to create a forward moving arrow symbol, a subtle and elegant reference to the benefits of shared value. The colour red reflects a bold, confident force within the corporate context that Hugh operates. This was sup-ported by a complimentary secondary typeface adding an engaging, friendly serif font to the mix.

Hugh Foley Consulting advises on shared value strategy, cross-sector partnerships and organisational structures that create value while delivering better social outcomes.

Truly Deeply worked with Hugh to develop the strategic brand proposition, brand identity, corporate stationery and a website splash page.

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