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start out logo branding agency Melbourne

StartOut is an inspiring not-for-profit organisation who match young people with role models to help build resilience, self-acceptance, help break negative self-image and to help navigate their sexuality. We worked with StartOut to create a brand that was inclusive of all diverse sex, sexuality and gender but also positive and non-confrontational for young people trying to figure out their sexuality.

We thoroughly enjoyed being able to work with an organisation with such a strong and positive vision and do our part in positioning them to their market in a way that sets them up for great things to come.

StartOut’s Co-founder and Director Brendan White says: “Watching the team take our thoughts and present them back to us after careful consideration has been fantastic. The outputs Truly Deeply worked on have been able to capture the essence of our organisation. The visuals and the language that were created have been extremely valuable for us to articulate our purpose to users of our site and other stakeholders.”

You can read our case study here: StartOut Branding


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