Pantone announces the colours set to dominate in 2020.

leafy train track trecking

‘Trecking’ is the colour theme for brands to pay attention to.

Each year PANTONE Colour Institute announces the colour or colours set to influence the way brands go to market in the year ahead. Driven by consumer psychology, these colours are often reflected through fashion, product design, advertising and of course brand identity and imagery.

The PANTONE Color Institute has announced that colors set to gain traction in 2020 will be focused on “nature, serenity and comfort.”

PANTONE vice president Laurie Pressman, set the stage recently, explaining how the increasingly fast pace of life has people longing to experience the calmness of nature in the comfort of their own homes. Pressman and PANTONE see these as the factors behind why colors focused on ‘nature, serenity and comfort’ are set to gain traction in 2020. On this basis, Pressman explains, “you can expect various shades of greens, including teal and olive green, to dominate 2020, as well as oceanic and mineral blues.

In addition, floral patterns could go big in the design realm in the form of plant motifs and fronds. Metallics—”satin-ized” hues and sparkly colors—are also finishes to anticipate in 2020 due to the rise of the digital era.

For home décor, look out for wood and other organic products, which can be combined with soft upholstery for a homelier look. Colored glassware and marbles are here to stay as well.”

Pantone colour of 2020 Pantone colour trend pantone colour of 2020

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