Iconic Brand Identities Redesigned to Fight Coronavirus.


Redesigning brands to create affinity.

In our 30 years of branding experience we’ve never seen the level of global community the current battle against caronavirus has created. This sense of community has sprung from a common cause and for brands they are battling to be inside the community – something many of them are not used to doing.

A micro-brand trend has emerged of brands redesigning their iconic logos in such a way as-to reflect the theme of social isolation – a term with a completely different meaning until most recently. For most organisations, their brand mark is considered sacrosanct, not something to be meddled with for any reason. So when some of the world’s most iconic brands start redesigning their brand mark you know the stakes are high.

We’ve pulled together a collection of brand marks that have either been redesigned by their owners, or re-imagined by designers to engage with and communicate their affinity with the communities of the world who find themselves in social isolation.



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