Pizza Hut’s Retro Rebrand with Purpose

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Much More than Back to the Future Branding.

Here at Truly Deeply we often talk about Branding being ‘Design with Purpose’ and Pizza Hut’s recent redesign of their take away pizza box packaging is a clever case in point. When we say ‘Design with Purpose’ we are referring to the leveraging of meaning associated – whether consciously or subconsciously – with a combination of specifically crafted visual elements (type, colour, imagery, packaging form, etc.) to position a brand strategically.

In this case, we don’t believe it to be a coincidence that Pizza Hut have chosen this point in time to revisit their past. Just last week in our article looking ahead to brand design trends for 2021 we discussed how; “brands across many categories will respond to a sense of general unease and nervousness with classic, traditional brand design elements such as older style fonts, imagery that harked-back to ‘happier times’”.

By choosing this moment, when the entire planet is feeling a sense of uncertainty and anxiety, to relaunch a familiar and reassuring rebrand of their packaging, Pizza Hut is communicating to the market the reassuring brand message that they are a calming and consistent presence who’ve been around for decades and by sharing a slice their customers can tap into those positive associations.

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and Pizza Hut’s retro repackaging is a smart and strategic example of just that. Kudos to Pizza Hut for this clever and timely strategic execution.

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Image courtesy Pizza Hut.

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