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How Colour Psychology Works in Branding

Colour plays an integral part in how we see, respond and feel about almost every aspect of our lives – brands included. “Feeling blue”, “caught red-handed”, “black sheep”, “white lie” – the list goes on. Colour plays such an integral role in the way we…

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Crayola brand takes colour to a whole new level

Crayola’s crayons are part of our collective childhood. The brand is constantly innovating with new pastels, markers (texters) and other child friendly colouring equipment. But their foray takes things to a whole new market and shows the value of a strong brand visual language. They’ve…

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Red lipstick as a powerful symbol of unity and advocacy

Loving this inspirational story of Elizabeth Arden; an entrepreneur, a women’s advocate, and a champion for holistic beauty, whose beliefs seem more relevant today than ever before. Along with the symbolism of her brand’s signature colour; from the iconic red door of the first salon, to…

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