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Mecca rebrands ‘kit’ to make it more inclusive and relevant

Mecca is currently getting some well deserved attention for their Kit rebrand. Mecca’s home brand for beauty on budget for nail polish, lotions, and a few products was discontinued years ago. Kit has now been rebranded and relaunched with a completely different offer, theme with…

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Michael Hughes provides tips on rebranding for CPA’s ‘INTHEBLACK’

This month’s INTHEBLACK features an article focused on rebranding. “Brand refresh? What you need to know” provides insights for companies when considering a brand refresh. Truly Deeply’s Managing Partner and Strategy Director, Michael Hughes was featured in the August edition of the magazine. Read the…

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AirBnB finds-out how tough it is to get your branding right in China

The bumpy road for brands launching into China Recently Airbnb Co-Founder Brian Chesky announced via Twitter that his company has a new Chinese name; ‘Aibiying’. Aibiying is a clever localized brand name which sounds like the Western original, but translates in Mandarin to “to welcome…

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From Amsterdam to Melbourne; Maxime’s brand internship story

Maxime Terberg travelled from the Netherlands to Australia to complete a six-month internship at Truly Deeply. In this guest post she shares her experience at the agency and thoughts on Australia as a brand.

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