Mecca rebrands ‘kit’ to make it more inclusive and relevant

skincare brand refresh

Mecca is currently getting some well deserved attention for their Kit rebrand.

Mecca’s home brand for beauty on budget for nail polish, lotions, and a few products was discontinued years ago. Kit has now been rebranded and relaunched with a completely different offer, theme with new range of products.

Kit now offers the Australian market a gender-neutral and plant-based skincare line which is exactly what the beauty and fashion industry is screaming for.

Positioned as ‘modern formulas for all skinkind’, Kit is distinctive from other Mecca products, yet it’s still aligned with Mecca’s brand essence and personality. The refresh makes it current while staying true to the brand’s DNA.

skincare brand refresh

The packaging and product design is key to communicating the new brand and Mecca get this. Sleek and simple, Kit is designed to appeal to a young audience who is conscious about the environment.

It’s also gender neutral which the beauty industry if finally catching onto. Kit have also used a male model as the main face for the product. This helps with targeting the modern metro-sexual male, queer, gay and non-binary audience as well.

Another skin and haircare care brand that’s intune with the young audience is Umii. Truly Deeply created this brand in 2018 and it’s still looking great (yes, we are bit biased). Umii was also one of the early champions of gender neutrality.

Moe AlHorub

Images courtesy of Mecca and Harpers Bazaar

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