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Retail Brand Hack; Rethinking the butcher store with vending machines

Applestone Meat Co. turns old tech into a new convenience brand proposition. Applestone Meat Co. is a butcher brand with two outlets in NYC. They are butchers who use their philosophy as a brand differentiator. As they say on their web site: The meat industry…

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Busting the First Mover Advantage Myth of Branding

Watching a TED Talk recently from Organizational psychologist Adam Grant I came across a brilliant insight that challenged the long and firmly held belief of First Mover Advantage. For as long as I can remember in business and brand the ‘first mover paradigm’ dictated that…

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Amazon Dash: Redefining the internet of things approach to shopping

Amazon have launched their latest innovation in changing the world, with the introduction of Amazon Dash. In it’s simplest form it’s a device in your kitchen, which you press when running low on a particular kitchen necessities, like groceries or cleaning. Each consumable will have…

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Retail brands finally start to get smart with omnichannel

Omnichannel has been the buzz word in retail for some time but in many cases it seems to be more talk than action. However, with recent technology innovation and structure changes, Gap Inc. is now one step closer to living the omnichannel dream.

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Airbnb learns from leading hotel brands

Airbnb is taking lessons from leading hotel brands for continued growth and economic impact. Airbnb is not a new brand, it has been around for a while and there is a lot of content on the innovative approach the brand takes towards hospitality. Recently Airbnb…

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The Brand Gap, When Ads & the Customer Don't Get Along

When advertising and the Customer Break-Up When it comes to brands, the old adage of the customer is always right is pretty much spot-on. Maybe it’d be more accurate to say the Customer is never wrong. With traditional ad campaigns no longer connecting with their…

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