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Short film; a brilliant brand storytelling asset

The Power of Brand Storytelling on Film. Goodwin & Goodwin are a creative sign company based in North London. They recently worked with film makers; Reuben Armstrong and Jamie Neale to create a short promotional film about their business. In this short film we get…

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Hugh Jackman tells the Montblanc story – A masterclass in building brand authenticity

For all brands authenticity is one of the real hot buttons in their efforts to connect with consumers and build highly engaged relationships. Brands are telling their story at every opportunity, spruiking provenance, craftsmanship and history – regardless of whether they’re a start-up or a…

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The Toast Maker – A gently amusing poke at brand story telling

Does this amusing parody of brand story telling diminish the effectiveness of this branding approach? OK, so we’re the first ones to rave about the virtues of authentic brand story telling. We love to discover a passionate, artisan craftsman sitting at the heart of a…

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Is your brand a market leading story teller?

When was the lat time you heard a really good story… from a brand? It’s part of the way we’re wired that we relate to stories with a level of engagement and emotion that is simply not attainable for functional messaging. And whilst all brands…

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Why story telling trumps data every time

A good brand story is worth a thousand data points. Science & education You-tuber; Veritasium looks at why a story is much better at influencing our decisions than hard data. For so many brand managers and brand owners the emphasis in their branding is focused…

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