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The power of customer-centric brand thinking.

Now that seems like a valuable brand proposition. All to often we find brands working in a market driven paradigm. That-is, their mindset of how they go to market is based upon the collective history of how the category has always operated. What was will…

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The 3 golden brand rules to standing out in a crowded market

The strategic brand thinking at the heart of every successful brand. Over the weekend I was having a conversation for the thousandth time with the owner of a relatively new, fast growth business who I realized was hearing it for the first time. The conversation…

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Fastbrick Robotics – The power of a truly differentiated value proposition

Australian technology business set to disrupt the global building industry. Yeah, that’s a pretty big claim, but in the case of Australia’s Fastbrick Robotics, it’s more likely a prediction than fanciful mission statement. Fastbrick’s first prototype; the Hadrian X is nearing commercial readiness, with the…

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Standing out from the clutter to find true brand differentiation

On average consumers receive on average 3,000 marketing messages everyday, you’re no longer just competing against your direct competitors you’re competing against all messages that bombard people’s lives in order to get noticed. By offering the same, product, features and benefits as your competitors you…

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Woolworths free fruit for kids campaign builds on their differentiated brand proposition

Deliciously Good Brand Differentiation Australian Supermarket brand Woolworths have teamed up with celebrity endorser and fresh food campaigner; Jamie Oliver to introduce their latest in store brand initiative – fresh fruit. Launched in-store and driven by an above the line TVC campaign, Woolworths have come…

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