Woolworths free fruit for kids campaign builds on their differentiated brand proposition

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Deliciously Good Brand Differentiation
Australian Supermarket brand Woolworths have teamed up with celebrity endorser and fresh food campaigner; Jamie Oliver to introduce their latest in store brand initiative – fresh fruit.

Launched in-store and driven by an above the line TVC campaign, Woolworths have come up with a powerful way to deliver on their ‘Fresh Food People’ brand proposition. They are giving away fresh fruit – yep, fancy that, free fruit – to kids who come into store shopping with their parents. Rather than rely on pester power to sell more chocolate bars or junk food at the cash register, Woolies are walking their talk, satisfying hungry kids and promoting healthy eating habits.

The campaign was initially launched in the UK, but is equally as effective here. Doing the family shopping last night I watched as a harried mum and young daughter paused in the fresh fruit department whilst the kid picked out which fruit she felt like. Watching this play-out I was struck by how it appeared to be part of their shopping ritual – a treat the child associated with shopping at Woolies. This is where brand strategy turns into powerful brand proof points; just imagine the disappointment should mum try to do the shopping at a different supermarket.

Brilliant brand work Woolwoths.

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