Fastbrick Robotics – The power of a truly differentiated value proposition

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Australian technology business set to disrupt the global building industry.

Yeah, that’s a pretty big claim, but in the case of Australia’s Fastbrick Robotics, it’s more likely a prediction than fanciful mission statement. Fastbrick’s first prototype; the Hadrian X is nearing commercial readiness, with the company looking to own 2 per cent of the global market within the next five years, which equates to a staggering 600,000 low-rise buildings a year.

The Hadrian X  has the capability of laying 1000-plus standard bricks per day. It does this faster, more accurately and more safely than traditional methods used the world over that have remained unchanged for decades. This equates to completing the brickwork on a standard home in just two days. We talk about brands establishing a clearly differentiated value proposition, and that’s what the aptly named; Fastbrick Robotics has done.

“As the only company in the world building construction robots capable of doing what the Hadrian X can do, capitalising on our first mover advantage is crucial. The opportunity for the Hadrian X to generate significant productivity improvements in the building and construction sector continues to fuel the acceleration of our technology commercialisation process,” says Fastbrick CEO Mike Pivac.

The only company in the world producing robots capable of laying more than 1000 bricks per hour more safely and more accurately than anyone else can lay them. That’s the kind of differentiation and value that has the potential to seriously disrupt a market.

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The brand task at hand.

As Pivac points out, Fastbrick Robotics has a challenge ahead of them in establishing a global brand reputation equal to the value proposition of their business. By establishing a global brand they will do two important things;
01. Create a platform of understanding and recognition to increase the acceleration of awareness of the business, and
02. Build an indelible link between their brand and their technology that maximises the long-term value from being first to market, establishing the Fastbrick Robotics brand as not only the leader but the owner of fast, accurate and safe brick laying tech all over the world.

The key aspects required to do this include:
• A clear and concise brand value proposition
• Unique and carefully crafted key brand messages to be used consistently
• A well-defined brand personality
• A professionally designed brand identity that reinforces the value proposition, reflects the brand personality and stands-out in the market with the kind of impact the value proposition demands
• Protecting these brand assets with Trademarks
• An equally innovative and compelling digital presence
• An asset library of photographic imagery and video that compelling reinforce the value proposition

We applaud the guys from Fastbrick Robotics for developing a seriously impressive piece of tech with the potential to truly change the world. But we also remind them that from a brand perspective, the hard work has just begun.

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