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Brilliant brand storytelling from Burberry takes branded content to a new level

For brands obsessed with branded content Burberry has just upped the ante significantly. English fashion brand Burberry has released a three-minute trailer for an epic but non-existent movie about the brand and it’s fabulous. Burberry takes brand storytelling to another level. The faux trailer promotes…

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Creative Design and Fashion Collaborations

In a market where consumers are demanding more authentic and engaging brand experiences, creative collaborations between artists and fashion designers have become a vehicle for delivering a brand story, increasing prestige and producing visually exciting content and products. History is rich with examples of art influencing…

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Brand C&A, gauging real-time consumer sentiment

Ever since the launch of Facebook in 2004, brands have been relentless in their search to find a solution to the issue of how to connect their online community with the offline world.  Global fashion retailer C&A have, as part of a large-scale brand reinvigoration…

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