Luxury brands you’re probably mispronouncing

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How many of the world’s leading luxury brands can you pronounce correctly?

Following up on our post on car brand name pronunciation, we’ve compiled a list of luxury brand names.

Dominated by French or Italian words, luxury brands are often said incorrectly by English speakers. Some of the brand’s ambassadors and distributors even struggle to say the name correctly. No wonder most of us get it wrong!

In a recent interview with Vogue, Donatella Versace expressed her frustration at how Versace is pronounced. Donatella says it is not ‘Ver-sach-ee’ it is ‘Ver-sarch-eh’.

Hear how Donatella pronounces Versace in the video below (skip to 4:49).

So let’s break down the mystique and elitism around ‘knowing’ the brand with a clear guide on how to pronounce some of the world’s leading luxury brands.

With this handy guide, you confidently say the name, even if you can’t afford to buy the product!

Luxury brand names and their pronunciation (A-Z)

Brand NameCorrect PronunciationIncorrect
ChanelShah-nelShan-elle or Chan-l
Christian DiorKris-tyah dyohr Chris-chun Dee-or
Christian LouboutinKris-tyah loo-boo-tanChris-chun Loo-boo-tin
Dolce & GabbanaDOL-chay eh ga-BAN-ehDOL-say and Gab-anna
Ermenegildo ZegnaEr-men-a-geel-do zane-yaErmeni-gildo Zeg-na
Giorgio ArmaniZhaw-jo Arr-maniJawrj-io Ar-marni
GucciGu-chi Goo-cheee
HermèsEr-mesHer-meez or Her-mez
Jean Paul GaultierZhon Paul Go-tee-ayJeen Paul Gol-tee-er
Louis VuittonLoo-EE Vwee-tonLoo-is Vit-on
Miu MiuMew-mewMee-oo mee-oo
MoschinoMoss-key-noMoss-chee-no or Mosh-ino
Ralph LaurenRalf Lor-inRalf Law-ren
Tag HeuerTag hoy-ahTag hew-air/hee-wwer/hew-er
Yves Saint Laurent Eve San Lo-rahEeves Saint Lo-rent

This list has been compiled from various sources, including representatives from the brands. In some cases, there are conflicting sources and we have opted for what is most commonly accepted.

If want to challenge any of the pronunciations, or suggest some more brands that are incorrectly pronounced, please contact us or leave a comment below and we’d be happy to update this list.

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