Brilliant brand storytelling from Burberry takes branded content to a new level

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For brands obsessed with branded content Burberry has just upped the ante significantly.

English fashion brand Burberry has released a three-minute trailer for an epic but non-existent movie about the brand and it’s fabulous.

Burberry takes brand storytelling to another level. The faux trailer promotes a movie about its founder Thomas Burberry.

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This is an epic tale of Burberry’s obsession to create a new type of trench-coat, made from gabardine. Essentially, this is the story of what made the brand famous.

Part of the brand’s 160th anniversary celebrations, this is a powerful way for Burberry to reinforce its brand differentiation and its British fashion heritage status.

Directed by Academy Award winner Asif Kapadia, the tale of Thomas Burberry has everything you’d expect from a great movie. There’s romance, mystery, intrigue, betrayal and of course, triumph over adversity. It features well known actors Domhall Gleeson and Sienna Miller and Lily James, the face of the My Burberry fragrances.

Burberry brand storytelling

The company has apparently invested close to $17 million in this production. While that’s a lot for an ad, this could do so much more for the brand. The trailer has already amassed more than four million views in a few days.

This has the potential to achieve to truly engage a whole new generation in the brand.

Unlike most ads, this feels like a real blockbuster movie that you want to watch. And it could be. Apparently, the company has enough footage to actually make the movie and many fans are already calling for it to be completed.

While most brands wouldn’t be able to invest like Burberry can, this still highlights the importance of brand storytelling.

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  1. I think the interesting aspect of this piece of brand story-telling is the level of production. At some point the story becomes so polished that it begins to lose its authenticity. For me the Burberry story has shifted from genuine and compelling to Hollywood drama which may as well be a work of fiction. At that point the brand value from the exercise becomes diminished.

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