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Gucci struggles to protect its brand in Japan

Leading fashion brand gets schooled on what makes a distinctive brandmark Premium fashion brands spend a fortune protecting their brands from fakes and for good reason. The Gucci brand is Italy’s most valuable brand and is estimated to be $US 37.9 billion by BrandZ. Last…

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Truly Deeply rebrands Homyped shoes

Redefining one of Australia’s favourite shoe brands to appeal to new generations. Truly Deeply builds on Homyped’s comfort heritage to reposition the brand as smart solutions for healthy feet. The new brand identity leverages the product’s technological and medical credibility to create a more aspirational…

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Adidas & Alexander Wang second collab breaks the retail rules

A Masterclass in New Retail Brand Mindset Following-on from their first collaboration in 2016, Alexander Wang and adidas have again steered clear of a standard retail approach. Last year’s collaboration was released through pop-up trucks in New York, London and Tokyo. Staying true to their…

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Brilliant brand storytelling from Burberry takes branded content to a new level

For brands obsessed with branded content Burberry has just upped the ante significantly. English fashion brand Burberry has released a three-minute trailer for an epic but non-existent movie about the brand and it’s fabulous. Burberry takes brand storytelling to another level. The faux trailer promotes…

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The power of pictures – Worth a thousand words in any language

Iconspeak – a new fashion brand designed for travelers They say a picture is worth a thousand words – and this is never more true than when you’re traveling and don’t have a dozen words of the local language (let alone a thousand). Created by…

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