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Personality rich brand storytelling. Mirry Christmus from Air NZ.

Air New Zealand’s sweet Christmas ad. Just about every brand is trying to leverage Christmas and stay top of mind. The big retailers are all trying to outdo each other with their Christmas TVCs. It’s also the time of year when many of us are…

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Stranger brand partnerships this Halloween

Lyft and Netflix partner for Strange Mode rides To celebrate Halloween and a new season of “Stranger Things”, Lyft partnered with Netflix in the USA to create Strange Mode on their app. Riders in in the USA were able to opt into the mode for…

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Dept of finance campaign bad for their brand and the entire government

Game Changers branded content perpetuates the perception that the government is out of touch with most Australians During the past few days, The Australian Government’s Department of Finance has managed to create their place in history with a stunning fail in government advertising. In an…

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Short film uses sauce to spread the love for marriage equality

‘The Big Deal’ shifts the conversation and ignites the brand message of #EqualLove A short film for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is quickly becoming a powerful campaign for marriage equality in Australia. During the weekend, ‘The Big Deal’ video and #EqualLove started to be…

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Brilliant brand storytelling from Burberry takes branded content to a new level

For brands obsessed with branded content Burberry has just upped the ante significantly. English fashion brand Burberry has released a three-minute trailer for an epic but non-existent movie about the brand and it’s fabulous. Burberry takes brand storytelling to another level. The faux trailer promotes…

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The Cookie Monster & iPhone’s Siri team-up for a branded content masterclass

Online Branded Content – Layer Upon Layer Upon From the (not-so) new world of created content for brands comes the curated ‘out-take’ footage. When Apple co-opted the Cookie Monster to star alongside Siri in their online promo for the iPhone 6, they were looking to…

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