Stranger brand partnerships this Halloween

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Lyft and Netflix partner for Strange Mode rides

To celebrate Halloween and a new season of “Stranger Things”, Lyft partnered with Netflix in the USA to create Strange Mode on their app.

Riders in in the USA were able to opt into the mode for a day that changed Lyft’s map so that cars are represented by waffles, Christmas lights, trucker hats, and the Stranger Things brandmark.

Then on Thursday and Friday last week, riders in Los Angeles and Philadelphia were able to take a Stranger Things ride. The timing was all a bit premature for Halloween but was tied into the season premiere in the USA.

Check out the strange mode below.

It’s always an interesting debate about whether brands should try to leverage holidays to get brand attention. It often feels forced and the benefits can be questionable.

In this case, it seemed to give both Lyft and Netflix a bit of attention over the past few days – but nothing earth shattering.

A fun brand partnership or just a freaky waste of money?

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