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Fontstand is Netflix for fonts, and it’s amazing.

Fontstand front page. What is Fontstand? Fontstand is a Mac app that lets you try fonts for free and rent them by the month for desktop use for a fraction of their regular price. Typotheque developed this app in collaboration with Andrej Krátky. Conceived by independent…

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5 Inspiring Sans-serif Typefaces

Fonts are the ruler of the design world. With so many to choose from, it is sometimes hard to break away from your go-to favourite, especially when you know it’s going to work a dream on your current project. Sans-serif fonts have always been at…

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Fontstand, a great tool for widening your brand’s font repertoire

While doing another late night trawl through the different foundries and shops we all spend so much time in (us designers anyway) I came across Fontstand. I couldn’t believe it. A great collection of foundries and fonts that you can really try for free, rather…

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Are we in a type renaissance for brands?

As brand designers we’re always hungry. Hungry for new inspiration, new palettes, new strategy and as a corner store of everything we do new typefaces. Fonts are so important when it comes to creating new brand identities or logos. Finding the right type to express the…

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