Fontstand, a great tool for widening your brand’s font repertoire

While doing another late night trawl through the different foundries and shops we all spend so much time in (us designers anyway) I came across Fontstand. I couldn’t believe it. A great collection of foundries and fonts that you can really try for free, rather then just preview in a browser. I’ve written before about how some sites are making interesting fonts more accessible, but this is a game-changer.

Fontstand logo

Within minutes of finding the site, I had a font (Graphik semibold), active on my system, in Illustrator in a design, FOR FREE. I liked it, rented it for a couple of dollars, now I have the font for a month. It’s too easy. I can get the whole family for twelve bucks. What is not to love.

We’ll start using these fonts for clients work, creating brand-marks, updating brand styles and visual language.  They’ll go into brand books, brand toolkits and brand guidelines and then clients will start using them too and wether renting or buying it works for Fontstand and the foundries. It’s a great business model for these foundries: easy access for designers who can sell the fonts to their clients. It’s what some of the stock sites do with high-res comps, but with fonts. Check out some of their foundries:

Fontstand's Foundries

I can’t believe this app has been around for a couple of years and everyone isn’t using it.
Do yourself a favour, download it and give it a whirl.

Derek Carroll

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