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Burger King’s Campaign for a Michelin Star

Burger King’s Clever Product Launch Brand Strategy. Burger King Belgium have launched a petition and accompanied ad campaign to get a Michelin Star for its new menu item; The Master Burger. In a bold and cheeky move, Burger King has penned an open letter …

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Emotive Branding – KFC finds it’s Romantic Side

For Mother’s day 2017, KFC US released a romance novella called Tender Wings of Desire. Interestingly, Mother’s Day is KFC’s best-performing day of sales in the year (sometimes truth is stranger than fiction). The book features Harland Sanders as the story’s love interest and seeks…

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Political Incorrectness and Brand Differentiation

Can Political Incorrectness ever be a valid brand communication strategy? OK, so this may be skirting the boundaries of sensitivity and taste, but sometimes the most interesting strategies are found where others fear to tread. When it comes to political correctness, most clients want to…

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Look, up in the sky… Melbourne's Jafflechute launches in the Big Apple.

Jaffles from Heaven – A delicious take on Guerrilla Marketing Three local Melbourne lads; Adam, David & Huw have taken their Jafflechute idea to the US, via some crowd funding on Pozzible. A couple of Thursdays ago a crowd of hip New Yorkers met in…

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Truly Deeply activates Etto with a delicious integrated campaign

Following our brand development work for Etto, we have been busy producing an integrated campaign to drive awareness and increase sales for the Italian street food brand. With smart local marketing solutions, Truly Deeply has helped Etto appear ‘bigger’ than it is. As a result,…

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A Lesson in Brand Building from George the Giant Groper

Following the tradition of tourist towns the world over, Port Douglass in Far North Queensland, Australia has an embarrassment of restaurants and bars – it’s a wonder how they manage to keep business ticking-over during quieter times. Fair to say, competition between the restaurants and…

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