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Everything about the Coopers brand oozes authenticity. Coopers in South Australia is a family owned brewery with a long history of making fine ale (as opposed to making beer). Coopers is a brand with high beer cred for taste and quality. But the finest thing about the Coopers family is they understand how rich and valuable that history is as a brand asset, and communicate it with passion and humour at every opportunity.

The Coopers brand visual language
Over the years the visual language of the Coopers brand has continued to evolve, but with few exceptions it has remained on the same path of authenticity and tradition. Each element of the visual language from the Coopers signature brand mark, to the headline font of their ads, the design of their labels, the shape and colour of their bottles, the background texture of their brand communications, their point of sale and of course their on-line presence, all confidently sing the same tune. Decoding the visual language of the Coopers brand identity we discover a brew of:
• Tradition & heritage
• Old School craftsmanship
• Hard working
• Timelessness
• Down to earth
• Attention to detail
• Masculinity
• Confidence
• Warmth
• Sense of humour
• Knock-about attitude

Seriously Amusing
So how does an authentic brand maintain its relevance, its connection to a contemporary market? Coopers uses a brand personality packed with humour. Is there any brand personality trait more appealing than humour? Certainly in the beer drinking market of Australia, the larikin is a much loved character trait – even more-so when he laughs at himself.

At a time when it seems our lives are moving faster than ever, and the world continues to change apace, there are few things as refreshing as a long, cool drink of a brand with both a rich heritage and a contemporary sense of humour.



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