Why engaging a brand agency to name your business or product might be the best business investment you ever make

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The guy who asked ‘What’s in a name?” never had to grow a brand with a stinker.
As a brand engagement agency often assist clients with developing names for their organizations and their products, but just as often we find ourselves working with established brand names that are a millstone around the neck of the business. Brand naming is a task tied firmly to the heart strings of business founders and project leaders. There’s something about choosing a name that clients want to hold onto, with results of varying effectiveness and disaster. Often it is this emotional involvement that clouds the judgement of an otherwise disciplined marketing organization, leading to brand and business names that leave all the potential to connect with an audience and communicate their differentiated value proposition on the shelf. There’s probably a hundred compelling reasons to get your brand name right and invest in an experienced professional to assist with that – but we’ve just listed the top 10 for starters…

The Top 10 reasons to invest in an experienced professional to get your brand name right.

01. We provide neutral and unbiased feedback based on your brand’s strategy not emotion and personal preference.

02. The best people to come-up with the name that fronts your brand are the same people who developed the strategy that sits behind it.

03. There is arguably no more critical element in the way your business goes to market that a strategic and memorable name that clearly communicates your differentiated brand proposition.

04. We’re not afraid of hurting your feelings (we’ll tell you straight-up if we think Turds of Misery is inadvisable).

05. We understand consumer markets, the language and naming protocols that connect with them.

06. We don’t do our best work high or pissed (or both).

07. We understand the boring but critical dimensions of trademarking and domain registration.

08. We have strategic and creative thinkers who have a load more experience in naming than you and your cohorts.

09. Sometimes developing a strategic rationale for NOT going with the name your CEO/President/Chairman thought-up is just as important as developing the right name.

10. Some brand names just look right, and some will always look uncomfortable no-matter what. No-one is better positioned to intuitively direct brand naming from this perspective than experienced brand identity designers.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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