From Humble Beginnings, to a Multi-Million Dollar Business – Ecostore Provide Consumers With An Alternative

ecostore products

A brand bringing you eco-friendly cleaning products – and award winning packaging design.

Ecostore are offering substitute products to those other harsh chemical household products we all see in our major retailers. We all know these cleaning products contain many nasties, but sometimes we don’t have the time to research other alternatives, or simply don’t know where to start.

Ecostore first began their journey 20 years ago in a New Zealand basement, and now offer a range of plant and mineral based household cleaners, skin care, baby care and hair care which are said to be a healthier choice for people. They also believe that healthier products don’t need to be pricier – making their products more concentrated for longer usage.

The brand is focused on principles and a product guarantee to customers:

– Healthier for you

– Safer for the environment

– Packaged in the best materials available

– Labelled with a full list of ingredients

– Guaranteed to give excellent results

– Concentrated to save you money

– Not tested on animals

– GE free

And they take the cautionary approach that if there is any doubt about the safety of an ingredient for people’s health, we will find a safer alternative”.

 The founder Malcolm Rands hopes to make a difference in the world, and is “gearing up for growth”.

Around 20 years back, Rands mentioned there was no real demand for organics and naturals, but that has surely changed, with people more curious and open to ‘alternatives’ than ever before.

ecostore black and white photography

The brand has used black and white photography (predominantly) of children for the past 10 years on their packaging, proposing their products are safe for the whole family. Their design partner Special Group received gold and silver awards for their packaging designs in 2011. The brands more recent designs feature grid lines, stars and loops suggesting “less is more” NZ artist John Reynolds suggested.

ecostore baby range

ecostore packaging design

ecostore packaging design award

Most of their recent advertising material was done in Australia, using press and digital platforms to “position the brand and reinforce ecostore’s unique product philosophy” stated Design Democracy.

Ecostore is a lovely brand with simplistic but delightful packaging designs, providing alternative options for people who want to care for themselves, their family and the environment – all at a reasonable price.

Olga Dumitriu
Client Account Executive
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Image Courtesy: Ecostore, Design Democracy, Special Group, John Reynolds

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