Zika Virus spells disaster for Brazil’s Olympics but opportunity for Aussie brand

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One Brand’s Loss in another Brand’s Gain
The US Olympic Committee’s recent announcement that their athletes may choose to sit-out this year’s Games in Brazil if they have health concerns over the Zika virus may prove to be an ominous sign. Facing a whole host of economic, environmental and engineering challenges, the spread of Zika is the kind of bad news Brazil didn’t need. But Zika (primarily a mosquito-borne disease) has spelled good news for on local brand.

Melbourne-based Juno Laboratories has just signed as a sponsor of the Australian Olympic team to supply 1,000 tubes of its Bushman ‘Heavy Duty’ mosquito repellent gel. Fortunately for the savior of our Olympic dreams, whilst the sophistication of their brand image may be questionable, the effectiveness of this brand gesture and their product is pure gold.

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Dave Ansett
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