Business card design for doctors measures your heartbeat

business card design

Business card design is still an opportunity to make your brand identity stand-out.
The challenge with business card design is creating a tool that stands out from the crowd whilst leaving the receiver with a memorable impression. The advent of email and email signatures have diminished the role of business cards in recent years, meaning they remain a necessity, but one without the brand engagement clout they formerly had. To truly stand-out, a business card design must now be something extraordinary.

An innovate business leveraging innovative business card design
MobilECG is an electrocardiogram company, who have created these business cards designed with small electrocardiograph meters built in. The readers find a person’s heart rate by having them place their fingers on the card. The cards have a tiny reader and tiny monitor screen on one side and room for a doctor’s practice information on the other.

MobilECG has developed a small, more affordable ECG machine than the ones used now in hospitals and clinics at a cost of between $100-$150. The brilliance of the card concept is that it both communicates the core proposition of their business in a format that memorably engages their core audience- doctors.

When it comes to stand-out business card designs, they don’t get better than this!

Photo courtesy of MobilECG

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