11 x World Surfing Champion – A Closer Look into the Life of Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater Rip Curl Pro 2016

A true surfing legend – a snap of myself with Kelly Slater at the 2016 Rip Curl Pro.
I was lucky enough to meet Kelly Slater over the long weekend at the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach, and it’s fair to say I am a pretty big fan! Eleven-time world champion, spanning over 20 years, Kelly show’s no sign of slowing down. He is the most successful athlete (youngest and oldest) in any sport to win a world title – a true legend. Aside from his remarkable surfing career, Kelly also has a clothing label and has helped create a world’s first wave-pool. Here are a few facts you may have not known about Kelly.

Name: Robert Kelly Slater

Hometown: Born in a small town called Cocoa Beach in Florida in 1972. There is a street called ‘Slater Way’ in Cocoa Beach is named after Kelly Slater. Kelly has two brothers.

Surfing: World Surf League 11-time world champion.

Favourite Wave: Pipeline

Longest Running Sponsor: Quiksilver.

Education: Attained a Masters Degree in Criminal Law at Sydney University in 2004.

TV: Starred on the popular TV series Baywatch as ‘Jimmy Slade’.

People Magazine: ‘100 Most Beautiful People in the World’.

Music: In the late 90’s Kelly joined Peter King and Rob Machado to form a band called ‘The Surfers’. Kelly also played alongside Pearl Jam on stage in 2006.

Fashion: Modelled for Versace.

Most recent projects: A surf-inspired menswear label ‘Outerknown’, partnered with ‘The Chia Company’, launched a health drink called ‘PURPS’, opened the world’s first wave-pool (which took 10 years to develop) and whole lot more.

Aside from the all his achievements, Kelly is passionate about nutrition, spirituality and has his opinions on the issues affecting the environment and society as a whole. Kelly classifies himself as ‘Libertarian or Progressive’ and has said himself to often get worked up about his social and political views. Whether you agree, or disagree with Kelly’s opinions, he questions a lot of pending global issues and shares his thoughts with the world. It’s fair to say Kelly Slater has shaped the surfing industry, and continues to do so as a true sporting athlete and spokesperson.

Check out some of his interviews on YouTube.

Thanks for the photo op Kelly! Another great year at the Rip Curl Pro.

Olga Dumitriu
Client Account Executive
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