Volley roots for change and outplays them all

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Grass Roots campaign clearly differentiates and revives the brand

Iconic Australian footwear brand Volley’s ‘grassroots’ campaign is doing wonders for the brand.

Until recently, Volley was perhaps one of those brands that you might have questioned whether it still existed. Not any more.

Volley are back and they are they are making a bold brand statement.

Last week, the campaign ruffled the feathers of Christian lobby groups but I suspect this has done more to help, than damage the brand. This Christian outcry helped Volley get onto the front pages of the major dailies.


Their latest campaign is refreshingly real and brings to life their brand beliefs and a positive message. Volley is clear on who they are what they believe in and why the brand matters.

At the heart of the campaign is a movement that is a bold celebration of sexual expression supported by safe sex partner Ansell. Volley deliberately goes beyond traditional heterosexual stereotypes to represent a more realistic sense of sexuality for their audience.

The passion is beautifully captured in the brand’s manifesto that chants; “We’re sick of being socially engineered and we shun political correctness. We’re…comfortable in our own skin, so don’t tell us who to love or how to be”.

Brand manifesto, Brand campaign

Beautifully shot, the campaign heroes a group of young people enjoying summer, mostly in their underwear or nothing at all.

While many brands have been scrambling to leverage the Australian Open excitement, Volley has managed to outplay them all.

Best of all, this is not just a gimmick to deliver some short term lift in the brand it’s likely to build much deeper long term brand engagement.

Well played Volley.

Michael Hughes

Images courtesy of Volley and Sticks and Stones Agency. See all the images here.

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