Top 5 Tips for Creating Inspiring Workplace Culture


Top 5 Tips For Creating Workplace CultureWith the average person spending around 1842 hours at work per year we believe happiness and a healthy work culture are an imperative part of day to day operations. Happiness at work has become serious business these days with more and more workplaces wanting their employees to feel connected to the mission of the organisation and each other, and if we are all going to be spending that much time at work we should all want to make it enjoyable and have meaning.

Over the years we have cultivated some wonderful ways to improve our culture and would like to share with you some of our insights and possibly inspire some culture building activities in your workplace, below are our top five…

Snack Day – every Wednesday a staff member takes it in turn to make, bake or create a snack to share with everyone in the office, you’re given a $20 budget and unlimited culinary control. It is clearly one of our favourite moments of the week and a nice time to down tools, take a break and stand around the kitchen table or my desk to share food and stories. Check out our Instagram account to view some of the delicious treats we have shared over the years.

Mindfulness Moment –as quoted by our Director, David Ansett “I experienced a two-hour Mindfulness workshop run by The Mind Room at a business retreat and was keen to explore the advantages of introducing Mindfulness into our workplace to improve the quality of our work/life. As a result, we all participated in a six session program to introduce Mindfulness into our Creative Agency. The skills, insights and experiences gained individually and collectively have led to a much cherished and valued ongoing weekly program where by every Tuesday a staff member takes it in turn to run a 15-minute mindful session with the team. The results have been another positive element to our culture program and a critical pressure valve for the day-to-day stress of our industry.” Each week there is something new to explore be it mindful meditation, mindful walking trips, mindful painting with water colours, mindful eating, round table discussions on gratitude, mindful doodling etc. this fifteen-minute session is a wonderful way for us to reset and shift our focus.

Top 5 Tips for Creating Inspiring Workplace Culture

Extra Leave Days – Not only do we celebrate your birthday the day before with cake, the bombing of your desk with streamers and balloons all whilst singing along to Stevie Wonders’ version of ‘Happy Birthday’ but we give you your birthday day off as an extra leave day so you can spend the day celebrating your life on earth anyway you see fit. It is another much cherished tradition at Truly Deeply and we also give you two extra leave days called Doona Days for you to reboot and recharge your batteries and possibly binge watch some of your favourite Netflix programs. What’s not to love about this?

Top 5 Tips for Creating Inspiring Workplace Culture

Giving Back
– Art with Heart is our annual art exhibition held in our Market St studio for one night only which raises money for local Melbourne based charities. It started as a way for us to combine our creative talents as brand designers with our belief that we should each play a part in making the world a better place. As a brand strategy agency the one resource we have at our disposal is our creativity and that of the broader community we belong to. Launched in 2002 as a way for us to leverage our creative talents for social benefit we fleshed out the concept that would be at the same time a great event for our clients and community and a way to raise money for a worthy local cause. Each year we select a new cause to raise money for, now in its sixteenth year and with a wonderfully supportive following Art with Heart has raised more than $300, 000 for charities and given all of us involved an overwhelming sense of purpose and passion. It is definitely one of the best nights of the year. We have also engaged in supporting other initiatives over the years during Christmas we have chipped in and donated to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, McAuley Care Safe House for Women and Children, donated our pre-loved clothing to Wear for Success, participated in Febfast and more recently supported the ‘Live Below the Line’ campaign.

Truly Deeply Brand Agency Melbourne - annual charity art exhibition

Mega Huddle – coined by our very own Gemma Dittmar the ‘Mega Huddle’ is our weekly Friday morning informal team meeting. All held during breakfast and personally catered for by one our Directors Michael Hughes, which includes fresh fruits, crumpets, smashed avo on sourdough toast etc. it is a time to catch up and share insights on the week ahead and a recap on the week just been, client works in progress, ideas on working smarter, studio news, exciting news and giving out Shelman our thankfulness turtle – we value the importance of thanking each other for the work we do so Gemma crafted Shelman during one of her pottery classes to be a symbol of thankfulness in our studio. Shelman is a much loved member of the team and is shared daily in our morning huddles. Food and communication on Friday’s is the perfect start to the last day of the week and something we all look forward to and actively participate in. That’s Shelman below he’s quite the dapper chap.

Top 5 Tips for Creating Inspiring Workplace Culture
As you can see we pride ourselves on working toward creating a culture that increases our overall happiness at work and one which is inclusive of the entire team, as we believe it is pivotal that each one of us play an active role in nurturing our culture. If you would like to know more about implementing some of our cultural tips at your workplace or would like to share some of your own with us, please give us a call.


Emma Ferris
Office Manager

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