8 Amazing Creatives to follow on Insta


I’m sure we have all been there, sitting in front of the computer hoping for some divine creative inspiration to get the design juices flowing. You have trawled through your normal go-to inspiration sites but came up empty. You have made plenty of excuses to step away from your desk to see if the creative spark might be at the bottom of yet another cup of coffee.

Thankfully for the design world, instagram can be an important portal into the creative minds around the world. There are plenty of amazing artists out there who, lucky for us, are using insta to showcase their portfolios and provide some much needed inspiration. Here are 8 amazingly creative insta accounts to inspire you and hopefully provide you with the prod you need to get that design flow going again.

1. Mister Doodle  @misterdoodle
A hand-letterer and typographer, Mister Doodle’s work is visually beautiful and offers amazing inspiration for the creative brains. Especially when paired with stunning photography, what’s not to love.


2. The Design Kids @thedesignkids
Inspiring the student and grad community, this is a great insta account to see whats happening in the design industry around the world.


3. Fin Dac @findac
One of my absolute favourite artists of all time. I have been following Fin Dac for many years now and continue to be in awe of each piece he produces. His large scale street art can be found all around the globe such as Hong Kong, Miami, New York and Berlin, even with one popular piece right here in Melbourne. Get on board and start following today.


4. Coffee Illustrated @coffeeillustrated
Coffee. Illustrations. Together its the perfect combo for a coffee-loving creative to browse at on a daily basis. Creative intricate drawings all drawn on coffee cups.


5. Shepard Fairey @obeygiant
You probably remember Barack Obama’s Hope poster, an image that quickly became a “pop cultural phenomenon and an important symbol in the political landscape of 2008 and beyond.” (thanks huffingtonpost.com). Shepard’s propaganda-styled street art is insanely creative and inspiring. A must to follow.


6. Luke Choice @velvetspectrum
An Australian-bred and New York-residing graphic designer with a “unique, playful aesthetic, that covers multiple facets of design, illustration and typography.” Vibrant colours and quirky creative populate this feed.


7. Design Everywhere @designeverywhere_
A blog showcasing carefully selected graphic design works from around the world. Works range from traditional art through to graphic design, packaging and printing.


8. Wade Jeffree @wadejeffree
Amazing Art Director based in NYC who AGDA describes “combines traditional graphic design elements with photography, art, fashion, and technology to create satisfying and emotional visuals.” You will also find him doing an AGDA speaker tour around Australia in August  – check it out.


So many more inspirational creatives to mention but that’s for another day. I hope the list has inspired you or at least offered some great insta feeds for you to follow. Not forgetting of course our very own @trulydeeplybrands, the hub of all things creative and where you can keep up to date on whats happening in our studio.

Renée Blakeley 
Senior Finished Artist

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